Our Story

Bill Taylor and Bill Bronner's friendship dates back to their high school days spent together in Norwalk, Connecticut, during the early 1970’s. Following high school, Taylor went on to receive his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting from Plymouth State College and Bronner spent traveling throughout the country building platform tennis courts for the R.J. Reilly Company. After graduating from college Taylor joined Bronner and together they traveled and continued to build platform tennis courts.

Attracted to the Vermont lifestyle, they both decided to put down roots, starting families and their business in the state. Taylor and Bronner started MTB Builders, Inc. in 1981. This long-lasting bond between Bronner and Taylor is one which they've also strived to form with their clients in 36 years of work. Since the businesses inception in 1981, MTB Builders have built up an extensive portfolio of projects and network of customers and partners in Vermont.